The Women's Mentoring Program  "Destiny Calls Women Outreach" provides a  higher level of support and guidance for your  practical and personal life. We will cover vulnerable areas in your life & go as far as you are comfortable. Together we will turn potential  destiny roadblocks, into destiny stepping stones. Our goal is to see you reach your purpose-filled life. and a successful end, more quickly than you could accomplish alone.

Destiny Calls offers workshops, learning courses and support groups to help women and their families.  We have Certified Life Coaches, Mental Health Counselors, and other special services if needed.  

Current & Upcoming Workshops 

We understand we are in difficult times and it is extremely stressful for single moms navigating virtual & homeschooling along with day to day life.  We offer this FREE six week support group to assist in lightening the load.

Starting Date Nov 6, 2020 via Zoom.  

Iris Williams, MSW is one of DDC, Mental Health Counselor who is offering her services to single moms to help and assist making this transition a smoothier process.  Our goal is to always be a tool to help each women be more successful. 

Divorce is no woman's desire or dream; however in the REAL world it happens to the best of us.  Many women get stuck during this time.

We want to help bridge that gap by offering support and assistance through these difficult times; we offer support group sessions for women who need just that extra encouragement.  These FREE six week group sessions are to designed to assist and build up our sisters.  


Starting Date January 2021

Team Building Training Workshops 

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