Stressed Woman

Destiny Calls Women's Outreach

A Collaborative Effort

The Destiny Calls monthly Symposiums will continue as small groups for Support, Mentoring, Rehabilitation, Life Coaching and Empowering Women.   

The "Destiny Calls Women Outreach" provides a  higher level of support and guidance for your  practical and personal life. We will cover vulnerable areas in your life & go as far as you are comfortable. Together we will turn potential  destiny roadblocks, into destiny stepping stones. Our goal is to see you reach your purpose-filled life. and a successful end, more quickly than you could accomplish alone.

Destiny Calls offers workshops, learning courses and support groups to help women and their families.  We have Certified Life Coaches, Mental Health Counselors, and other special services if needed.  


Making a difference in a community is a collaborative effort.  Divine Destiny Center understood that starting out and has always been open to working with other great organizations to reach the desired goal.  We have had the honor of having some great guest speakers over the last five years that would volunteer their time, talent, specialties, professions, on a volunteer basis to equip the women to reach their full potential.  Each of these individuals unselfishly pour out into the lives of the women and we have seen many restored and transformed. We want to honor each of them and their organization .