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Destiny Calls Women's Outreach

A Collaborative Effort

Women's  Symposiums. 

The Destiny Calls monthly Symposiums will continue as small groups for Support, Mentoring, Rehabilitation, Life Coaching, and Empowering Women.   

The "Destiny Calls Women Outreach" provides a  higher level of support and guidance for your practical, personal and spiritual life. We will cover vulnerable areas in your life & go as far as you are comfortable. Together we will turn potential destiny roadblocks into destiny stepping stones. Our goal is to see you reach your purpose-filled life. And a successful end, more quickly than you could accomplish alone. We not only build friendships but SISTERSHIP. 

We host workshops, learning courses, and support groups to help women and their families. In addition, we have Certified Life Coaches and are in partnership with other services such as Mental Health Counselors, Health & Wellness Counselors, and more. We are determined to make a difference TOGETHER.   

D.C.W.O. is here to be a safe place for women to connect, heal, and in many cases, rediscover their purpose through different platforms, workshops, and monthly symposiums that were created with them in mind. We are a place of growth and accountability. In contrast, sisters of all backgrounds, races, or ethnicity, we can come together and look past our differences and build on our ability to be that step, that lift, that word of encouragement that we ALL need at times to continue striving to reach our destinations. 


Are you looking for a small group to attend? We have just the place for you? Our small groups are a time to be Inspired, Strengthened, Encouraged, and Empowered. Our Women Symposium is uplifting and allows people to free themselves from the release of traumatic experiences in their lives. 

DCO small groups allow women to build relationships with other women and create long-term friendships and improve self-awareness.

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We welcome ALL women of all races, ages, or ethnic groups.  D.C.O Symposiums are a safe place where our assignment is to Inspire, Strengthen, Encourage & Empower our sisters and to be the boost you need to continue striving for GREATNESS.  We stand firm on confidentiality and Integrity so may feel comfortable being able to be our authentic selves with the confidence of a non-judgment atmosphere.  We are not here for a show, We are here to GROW. 


                  Registration is required.  We will keep you posted on our next Symposium 

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