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Who We Are

How It All Started

Divine Destiny Center was founded in August 2017 by Kimberly Jackson.  Kimberly has served with in Ministry and Outreach for girls and women for 15+ years.  Through mentorship, coaching and Ministry she realize the necessary need to provide a safe place for women of all ages.  Kimberly understood that this would need to be a safe haven for ALL no matter of the background or current life style.  Divine Destiny Center is a place of restoration and transformation which allows young girls, young adult women and adult women to come to place to gain support, guidance, counsel, coaching, and ministry as needed.  Divine Destiny Center motto is to "Inspire-Strengthen-Encourage and Empower. 

Kimberly is also a certified Purpose Life Coach which is dear to her heart because she understands the importance of understanding purpose which gives us all direction and helps us process life clearer.  "A Purpose for Life is a Life with Purpose" and she also implements those tools within what we do at DDC. 

Divine Destiny Center Mission is to be an avenue in which women can come and get clear understanding of the importance their role.    We want them to understand that each stage of life is important as daughters, sister, wives and mother, and leaders, etc.  We also encourage the importance of loving oneself in every area of their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentality and financially.  We believe that once a person truly understands their destiny in life they can walk in that purpose.  

Our Target

Divine Destiny Center primary focus is "Women" of all ages.  Our platforms are to reach our young ladies within our community through our Youth Mentoring/Coaching and Outreach for girls age 11-17, Young Adult Women (18-25), Adult Women (25 and Up).  Through Workshop, Quarterly Symposium, Spiritual Growth Program (Rooted N Knowledge, Women's Ministry and more.   Through practical teaching it is our assistment to help restore, transform, and activate those we come in contact with to discover, develop and walk out their Divine Destiny.  

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