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Advisory Board 

DDC, Board members are active as each of them served on a committee as well the others service offered.  Planning and Serving

Deanna Smith, 


Kimberly Jackson

Deanna Smith

Shellita Austin

Kimberly Jackson

Founder/President/Executive Director 


Minister/Evangelist & Certified Purpose Life Strategist Coach


Toy Walker

Tonya Foster

Toy Walker,

Destiny Calls Women's Outreach

CEO of TRW Signatures, a notary service.

First Lady, Bible Holiness - COGIC

Tonya Foster,

CEO of4M

Author, Certified Life Coach, wife, and mother of four beautiful children. 

Shellita Austin, 

CEO, Change to be Great, LLC


Shellita Austin,
A Wife, a Mother, and a Grandmother. who has a passion for helping people reach their dreams, goals, and or visions by Making
Changes in their lives will cause them to enrich themselves and propel them to their fullest potential of extraordinary living.
I am a Certified Transformation Life Coach, a published Author, and Motivational Speaker.

Mrs. Austin believes that everyone deserves a chance to change. I have the experience, training, and skill to assist others on their change journey.  I was raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, and relocated to Tampa, Florida, in the late 1990s with my two sons. I was ordained as a pastor in 2018. I am very active in my church and my faith.
My vision for change has given me insight into how to help others see a change positively and positively execute the difference.  My coaching goal is to not leave one person in the same state I meet them in. I am “The how to change expert.”

Women Empowering Women.

Divine Destiny Center

1503 S US HWY 301 




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