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Destined 2 WIN Youth Mentor Program

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Youth Mentoring for Girls
                Age 11-17

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Deanna Smith,
Program Director

Empowering Youth Building Leaders

Kimberly Jackson/Founder
Executive Director of Programs


Empowering Youth & Building Leaders
Did you know that teen mentoring can have a profound impact on the lives of girls aged 11-17?

We are delighted to have you join our empowering community dedicated to nurturing and guiding young girls through their transformative teenage years. At Destined 2 WIN, we firmly believe in the incredible power of mentorship and its capacity to inspire, uplift, and shape the lives of our future leaders.  As these remarkable young girls embark on their journey through adolescence, we recognize both the excitement and challenges that lie ahead. Our mentors stand ready to provide unwavering support and guidance, offering a safe haven where thoughts are shared, dreams are nurtured, and resilience is cultivated.


Our mentorship program is a space of empowerment and growth. Together, we will celebrate the unique qualities that make each girl special, emboldening them to discover their passions, set ambitious goals, and walk confidently toward their dreams. The self-assurance and self-belief instilled by our mentors will remain steadfast companions on this incredible voyage.

Navigating friendships, emotional hurdles, and academic pursuits can be a daunting task for teenagers. Our mentors lend their compassionate ears and insightful advice, ensuring that girls build strong relationships, navigate challenges, and practice self-care along the way. With our guidance, they will find themselves in a nurturing environment where they are valued, heard, and cherished.

But our commitment doesn't end there. Our teen mentors are equipped to offer vital academic and career guidance, assisting girls in exploring their interests, setting educational targets, and unveiling potential career pathways. We are devoted to preparing these young minds for their future, whether it's through college applications, scholarship opportunities, or skill development.

At Destined 2 WIN, we warmly welcome you to a transformative journey of growth, empowerment, and shared inspiration. Together, we will help these young girls unfold their true potential, fostering a community where dreams are encouraged and destinies are embraced.

Empowering Youth/Building Leaders

Girls group mentoring programs celebrate individuality while providing safe spaces for girls and women to connect and share their voices and common experiences. When girls are given tools, space, and encouragement, they are empowered to develop their voices in their communities. Our mentoring programs create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.  D2W also teaches our girls to serve within their community and give back to those less fortunate.  We have guest speakers, business owners, and more to have a creative atmosphere where they can grow and tap into their future potential.  Here are a few things additional things will we offer.  Our goal is to be a place where when they go out into the world they have been offered the tools necessary to be successful. 


Our mentors and volunteers take helping young girls very seriously. We operate in integrity and a professional manner.  We recognize the importance of building rapport with the girls and providing a safe place to grow. We are trustworthy and zealous about what we do. It is essential that we, as mentors, walk the walk and enjoy doing so because we are the example they are watching us!  

We’re here to empower your pre-teen and teenage girls, helping them to identify and overcome challenges, find their strength and discover their passion and purpose

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