Girls group mentoring programs celebrate individuality while providing safe spaces for girls and women to connect and share their voices and common experiences. When girls are given tools, space and encouragement, they are empowered to develop their voices in their communities.


 Our mentoring programs work to create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.

Current & Upcoming Programs & Workshops 

Every girl should believe in herself and realize that she matters.  This FREE program for girls ages (12-18) has been designed to teach life-skills, self-care, assist with any educational challenges and more.  Register NOW...Starting Jan 2021. 

Do you have a heart for working with youth? 

Do you have a desire to make an impact in the lives of young ladies ages (12-18)?


We have just the opportunity for you.  Come team up with us and share your gifts and talents in creating a brighter future for our young ladies.   Let's equip them to be all they can be!

Destined 2 Win Mentoring program meets monthly.  During our time we include Lunch and the tools and supplies needed for the program.  If you would like to become a sponsor a child please reach out to us and we will provide you the sponsorship package information

There are benefit in personalizing your sponsorship.  With your monthly sponsorship of $40.00.  It would take care of the following.

1. Lunch 

2. Supplies

3. Field Trips

4. Additional Training

Sponsor will receive the following.

1. Quarterly updates on your sponsored child

2. Acknowledgement of Contribution on our Website

3. Acknowledgement at our Events

4. Free Invite to the yearly Award Ceremony of Completion Celebration 

Destined 2 WIN is a mentoring program for young ladies ages 12-18.  Our goal is to build, train and develop young ladies into young women after God’s own heart.  Our assignment is to help guide mentees into their full potential through monthly sessions, activities, and excursions.  Our monthly group sessions are open to everyone.  We also offer year-long one- on – one mentoring opportunities to provide more focused support.


Divine Destiny Center Inc is partnering with Pamala McCoy, the B5 Re-Affirmation BOX, as one of our tools within our D2W Outreach & Youth Mentoring Program.  We all know that Self-Esteem for a young girl plays a powerful role in her life.  We also understand that Low-Self Esteem can also be devastating for her if not dealt with and developed.  Our assignment is to assist in those areas.  

Each B5 box is $45.00. Please consider putting this tool in our youth's hands and making a difference in their lives that can never be erased.  

Team Building Training Workshops 

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