D2W Outreach Program

Divine Destiny Center Inc (DDC) is committed to building, strengthening, and encouraging women. Through our I SEE Program -" Inspire, Strengthen, Encourage and Empower. 

Divine Destiny Center will be an avenue for young ladies ages (12 and up) to move towards positive life outcomes. Through practical mentorship, life-skills coaching, and monthly interactive workshops, helping each of them get a clear understanding of the importance and their role. 

We also encourage the importance of loving oneself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially in every area of their life. We believe that once people truly understand their purpose in life, they can walk in their DIVINE DESTINY.

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Quarterly we host a Pancake Breakfast or Lunch throughout our community.  We serve our community neighborhoods, Community Center, Youth Programs & Facilities, and our Youth Group for girls.  During this, we sit and have breakfast or lunch with a group of girls, and during this time, we share, encouraged to have a discussion and activities.  the girls in our program or go into 


A time for us to enjoy the girls and the mothers is welcome.    


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