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Community Service Outreach

Once a week we provide nourishment, personal hygiene, and educational tools to those in need as well as collaborate with other organizations when needed.  Life just happens for many let's be that distribution of HOPE. Our motto is "If we all play a part in distributing hope together we can make a difference" 

DDC understands that, at times, we all need assistance.  Therefore we come beside our brothers, sisters, and community leaders and assist when we can & as needed. 

We provide service to the elderly throughout the month, such as medication pick-up, volunteer food delivery, Fun Night, Story reading and more. We are showing them our appreciation. 

Building Community Event 

Monthly we provide resources to feed the UnHoused Community.  Please partner with us.  Click the donate button above and give as your heart desire.   

Sharing Food to Homeless and the Poor_ The Concept of Feeding.jpg

The Un-Housed Initiative 

We believe that NO one deserves to go hungry and without.  We may not be able to help everyone but we are determined to help someone.  

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