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                  Rooted In Understanding
    Spiritual & Personal Growth Programs

 ( RIU ) is the Spiritual Growth and Development program.  RIU, we discover, develop, and gain clarify  with practical demonstration.  This platform offer a various opportunity based on your desired needs. 

  • Women Bible Studies- Bible classes will be presented via a variety of platforms 

  • Book & Discussion - Book Club will provide vibrant discussion and self-discovery, as we grow together around a variety of books.

Empowering Connections: At the heart of DCO is the power of sisterhood. We believe that when women unite, incredible things happen. Through our diverse community, you'll forge meaningful connections with like-minded women, share experiences, and uplift one another. Together, we can create a network of support, collaboration, and inspiration.



          Welcome to Rooted In Understanding (formerly Rooted N Knowledge) Book Club


We will be hosting our weekly books & discussions on Women Fellowships via Zoom.  This is a time of Empowerment and growth but most of all, a time to build one another up in our spiritual walk.  Each class will be facilitated by some amazing women who heart to help and walk beside you as you continue to journey in developing who you are.  We will offer specific courses and topics and you are able to register for the one you desire.  

Each of these classes is 4-6 week courses and these women decided that the way of giving back to their fellow sisters is to share some quality time and walking beside every woman that joins.  



Book & Discussion Group 

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