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Partner with us as we build, train and develop young ladies into young women of greatness.  Our assignment is to help guide mentees into their full potential through monthly sessions, activities, and excursions.  Our monthly group sessions are open to everyone.  We also offer year-long one–on–one mentoring opportunities to provide more focused support.


D2W Outreach & Youth Mentoring Program.  We all know that Self-Esteem for a young girl plays a powerful role in her life. However, we also understand that Low-Self Esteem can also be devastating for her if not dealt with and developed.  Our assignment is to assist in those areas.  


Our objective is to help girls build a solid foundation, build self-confidence but become contributing members of society. 

Using our Mind, Body, Soul Confidence Building curriculum, we take girls through four powerful phases of confidence-building. Identify, Embrace, Empower and Execute. 


•       STEP 1 Identify – Our young girls need clarity of their identity and purpose beyond these superficial identities; there lies an identity that affects everything about us. This identity impacts all our decisions

•       STEP 2 Embrace – Our goal is to assist them in embracing their uniqueness and begin walking free from their purpose.  

•       STEP 3 Empower – We are here to empower and give the power back to the girls to discover destiny.  

•       STEP 4 – Execute-This phase is what we call the "Walk it Out" piece.  Here is where we allow them to explore and exemplify what they retained. But, again, we want them to walk in TOTAL CONFIDENCE.  


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