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Kimberly Jackson


Welcome to Divine Destiny Center, a sacred space where the paths of restoration, transformation, and purpose converge. Our visionary founder, Kimberly, aka "Lady KJ" received a divine calling in August 2008 during a challenging chapter in her life. Despite her own uncertainties, she heeded the call and stepped out in unwavering faith to establish Divine Destiny Center (DDC), Inc.

DDC is a manifestation of Kimberly's profound passion, wealth of experience, and professional expertise, all directed toward uplifting and empowering women. For two decades, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to mentor and guide women, drawing strength from her own personal journey.

Kimberly's life has been marked by trials, including the early loss of her mother, financial struggles, father-related challenges, and the complexities of single parenthood within the bounds of marriage due to legal circumstances. Through it all, she clung to her determination to pursue victory and seek restoration. Over the years, Kimberly's path has led her to ordination 2002, Life Coach certification, and profound personal growth. On September 9, 2012, during the ONE TOGETHER IN COVENANT WOMEN'S CONFERENCE in Orlando, Florida, she received a divine revelation: her assignment as a "Spiritual Midwife." This transformative moment ignited a spiritual journey to fully comprehend the depth and significance of this calling.

Kimberly has been enriched by the wisdom, knowledge, and guidance of influential women of God, including her spiritual mother, Pastor Deborah Powe, her mentor, Pastor Nancy Glover, and the profound teachings of Prophet Cynthia Thompson. Drawing upon these invaluable experiences and connections, she employs an authentic and pragmatic approach to assist women in their quest for restoration, transformation, and the birth of their true purpose.

As "The Midwife," Kimberly walks alongside women through every trimester of life, offering guidance, support, and unwavering encouragement as they give birth to their true identity and purpose. She intimately understands the pains and challenges of this process, and her role is to facilitate and nurture the birthing journey, empowering women to embrace their authentic calling.

Kimberly holds a deep appreciation for the women who raised her, Ms. Lola Byrd and Alice Ware, whose values of compassion and love for others have deeply influenced her approach to serving the women at Divine Destiny Center.

We extend a warm invitation to join us on this life-transforming odyssey at Divine Destiny Center, where we firmly believe in the restoration, transformation, and empowerment of women to embrace their divine destinies. Together, let's embrace our destinies and leave an indelible mark on the world.

With love and unwavering dedication,

"Empowered women empower women. Together, we can lift each other up, inspire greatness, and create a world where every woman thrives."

Kimberly Jackson

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