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Kimberly Jackson


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Divine Destiny Center was a vision God placed on my heart in August 2008 during the toughest time of my life.  This was a time when I didn't know for myself if I could make it through the life challenges I was facing BUT I knew the voice of instruction and I step out in faith.    DDC, Inc is an extension and collaboration of Kimberly's Passion, Experience, and Professional to enhance her love for her assignment to reach women.  This was when everything I thought I knew about trust, faith, obedience, and patience was tested.  I began this journey of training, learning, and developing under diving instruction and today,  Kimberly is the Founder and Executive Director of Divine Destiny Center Inc., which was established in 2016.  Kimberly's passion for seeing women restored and transformed through practical and biblical tools.   Her testimony and her understanding of her purpose are the driving force behind her commitment to mentor and coach women over the last 20 years through various organizations and opportunities.  She has faced the emotional impact of losing her mother at the age of 19, financial loss, a lack of identity, father issues, and single parenting while married due to legal circumstances, and through it all, she knew she had to keep striving for victory.

​Since then, Kimberly has been ordained as well as obtained her Life Coach Certification and more to continue as a purpose transformation coach, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur.  Kimberly's life changed on September 9, 2012, at the ONE TOGETHER IN COVENANT WOMEN’S CONFERENCE in Orlando, Florida; at that time is when it was revealed to her the assignment as a "Spiritual Midwife".  This revelation leads her on a personal spiritual journey for clarity of that assignment.  Over the years, God leads her down an amazing path to obtain wisdom, knowledge, and training from some powerful women of God.  Such as her Spiritual mother, Pastor Deborah Powe, Mentor Pastor Nancy Glover, and women who spoke into her life such as Prophet Cynthia Thompson.   


Kimberly knew that even though Kimberly's authentic and practical approach allows her to take her experiences and training to assist women in their birthing process to RESTORE, TRANSFORM & GIVE BIRTH to their purpose.  The Midwife is what they call her and through every trimester, every painful experience she has been able to walk beside them as each has given birth to their identity, purpose, and more.  

Kimberly, thank God for the women who raised her, Ms. Lola Byrd & Alice Ware, who taught her to be open and to love others.  

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