Deanna Smith,
Program Director

Youth Mentoring for Girls
                Age 12-17

Empowering Youth & Building Leaders
Kimberly Jackson
Executive Director & Asst. 


                                                                                                                 OUR WHY

As we know, many girls face systemic barriers that can negatively impact their personal growth and development.  Destined 2 WIN Youth Outreach & Group Mentoring for girls intervenes by addressing these barriers at the most critical stage in a girl's story to confront this epidemic.  Our Youth Mentoring & Outreach program "Destined 2 WIN" serves as both a group mentoring program as well as an outreach.  DDC, the youth program is for girls age 12-17 which we host weekly meetings which those that are registered within our program, and then we also serve youth within our community by hosting different workshops, Pancake Breakfast or Lunch throughout our community. We serve our community neighborhoods, Community Center, Youth Programs & Facilities. During this, we sit and have breakfast or lunch with a group of girls, and during this time, we share, encouraged to have a discussion and activities.  D2W celebrates individuality while providing safe spaces for girls to connect and share their voices and shared experiences. When girls are given tools, play, and encouragement, they are empowered to develop their voices in their communities. Our mentoring programs create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges


Divine Destiny Center Inc has a Youth Mentoring Program for girls ages 12-18 that focus on Empowering Youth & Building Leaders through Mentorship.  Building Character, Integrity, Life-Skills, and much more.  We also offer online mentoring.