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Your Destiny Calls      

The Women Mentoring Program  "Destiny Calls Women Outreach" provides a  higher level of support and guidance for your  practical and personal life. We will cover vulnerable areas in your life & go as far as you are comfortable. Together we will turn potential  destiny roadblocks, into destiny stepping stones. Our goal is to see you reach your purpose-filled life. and a successful end, more quickly than you could accomplish alone.

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Spiritual Growth 


Rooted in Knowledge  ( RNK ) is the Spiritual Growth and Development program.  RNK will provide  biblical truths with  practical demonstration.  The following services will be provided to minister to the “whole woman”:

Bible Studies- Bible classes will be presented via a variety of platforms.

Book Club- Book  study and vibrant Discussion. 

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Destined 2 WIN

Girls group mentoring programs celebrate individuality while providing safe spaces for girls and women to connect and share their voices and common experiences. When girls are given tools, space and encouragement, they are empowered to develop their voices in their communities

Every girl should believe in herself and realize that she matters.  mentoring programs work to create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.

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Striving 4 Excellence

The mission of Striving 4 Excellence is to encourage, support, educate, and inspire women to reach their full potential.  As a training center, we offer supportive and collaborative services to evaluate and hone leadership and business skills. We provide in- house coaching and referral services for adults, and foundational professional workshops  for youth.