Divine Destiny Center Inc (DDC) is a center of restoration and transformation.  Divine Destiny Center offers programs for young girls, young adults, and Women.  Our assignment is to build, strengthen, encourage and empower.

Divine Destiny Center is a safe place for young ladies ages (12 and 18) and Women of all ages where they can come and receive the vital necessities to move towards positive life outcomes. Through practical mentorship, life-skills coaching, and monthly interactive workshops, helping each of them gets a clear understanding of the importance and their role. 

We encourage the importance of loving oneself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially in every area of their life. 

We specialize in:

Supervised Recreational & Social Activities 

Volunteer Service Projects

Leadership & Business Skills Workshops

Character Development

We believe our every girl deserves the opportunity to SHINE

Our Mission

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Divine Destiny Center Inc's mission is to Inspire, Strengthen, Encourage and Empower young girls aged (12-to 18) and Women through transparency, education, mentorship, and coaching to help redirect everyday life challenges into positive and productive outcomes.   


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change their world.


Divine Destiny Center's vision is to be a pillar and stepping stone to all we serve—providing a safe environment and assistance with everyday life decisions, and an outlet for growth and self-development.     


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We believe together we can make a difference